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As a teenager, I could see myself becoming a rock musician, comic book artist, star dancer…

At the end of the 80s, my daily life is divided between my work as an engineer in a multinational, my scuba diving training and my rock concerts where I am a singer-guitarist.

I am entering the year 1991 just out of a lightning marriage that has just exploded, a year to the day after the wedding rings were exchanged. I am psychologically dilapidated. To take my mind off things, I go skiing, I aim for a nice bump, I jump, and I receive myself badly. I find myself physically just as dilapidated from the improper care that leads me straight to paralysis in my left leg. I run away from the hospital.

From there, nothing will ever be the same. One after the other, unusual events follow one another and shake my soul like an old dusty sack, ordering me to come out of my torpor and start the path that must bring me back to the heart of my essence .
Against a backdrop of spontaneous shamanism and lightning trances, I am forced to radically question the Cartesian conception of the world to which the engineer that I am still tries in vain to cling to. Little by little I am able to cope with ordinary and non-ordinary reality, in particular thanks to the writings of C G Jung which seem so obvious to me, as much as those of Carlos Castaneda. Over the years, I have become accustomed to living surrounded by Spirits who teach me healing from wounds and traumas deep in the unconscious. At the same time, I trained in psychoanalysis, in Eriksonian hypnosis, I became a Master Practitioner in NLP.

From 1995 to 2020, I travel the world to give conferences, consultations and personal development courses based on a psycho-body approach, shamanism, dance and trance. I make deep friendships through collaborations with traditional healers in South Africa, Polynesia, the Amazon and the Peruvian Andes.

From 2010, under the impetus of a non-incarnate Mentor, I developed with a small team the sacred Mahorikatan® dance, a dance in a state of subtle trance that opens the doors of the soul and brings participants back to the heart of their presence from the very first moments of practice.

As a child, I was often told: "You will go play when you have done your homework!" . On May 1, 2016, I closed my homework notebook forever and left the corporate world for good. From now on, my daily life will be motivated by the game, the game of meetings, the game of passions, the game of discovery, the game of travel, the game of life!

On January 14, 2019, in Thailand, I received a request from my Guiding Spirits to set up, with some close friends, the Call of Souls project which aims to free souls from ego contractions.

From 2020, with confinement helping, the absence of distraction and outward movements brings me back to myself in silence and connects me to a little inner voice that I hear for the first time. I realize that all my life I have worked in projects, associations, organizations that carried the word, the message of someone else. Now, this little voice speaks to me in the name of my soul and invites me to put my energy into the projects that it has for me at the service of the collective.

From now on I devote myself mainly to the Call of Souls Project, to the implementation of the PILEADEM training, to the deployment of Mahorikatan® (sacred dance-dance in trance) and to its structuring as a tool for improving overall health.
It is in this context that I integrate, as an expert in trance practices, a pilot study in neuroscience carried out at the University Hospital of Sart Tilman (Liège - Belgium).

On July 21, 2021, I open the Casa das Alams, terreiro de Umbanda (place of worship) for which I receive the charge of Babalorixá (Pai de Santo - priesthood) on January 2, 2022.


livre Naissance d'un chaman de Philippe Lenaif           livre J'ai dansé avec mon ombre de Philippe Lenaif

livre Explorations chamaniques de Philippe Lenaif

As soon as I was "on the way" I took notes.
These three books, an autobiographical initiation story in the form of a trilogy, retrace my path of transformation, my initiations, my discoveries in terms of physical, psychic and spiritual healing, day after day.

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From my travels around the world, I have brought back musical instruments.
"Tribute to the Ancestors" is the expression of my inspired musical universe, ethnic, acoustic, natural.
"Oceans & Angels" is just as much, synthesizers and electric guitars version.


logo Mahorikatan

Sacred dance
dance in trance !

Mahorikatan®, the dance that
opens the doors of the Soul!

For years, I dreamed of being a star dancer.
Today, I dance among the stars with the Mahorikatan® trance!

giga The Mahorikatan® Dance-Trance is the subject of research
in neuroscience at the CHU de Liège

ucl The Mahorikatan® Dance-Trance is part of the trances studied as part of a doctoral thesis in anthropology at UCLouvain

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A few words on paper, to testify to the universe of thoughts that are structured along the way ...

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From time to time, an article in a magazine, which crystallizes the reflections of the moment.

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trance & neuroscience

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Scientific research
- pilot study -
Since my first lightning and spontaneous shamanic trances in 1993, I have not stopped experiencing trance in a whole series of different forms, approaches and traditions: shamanic trance, regression trance, healing mediumnic trance, mediumnic trance of embodyment, hypnotic trance, rhythmic trance, ... Over the years, it has become my daily life, like second nature.

It is with all these experiences that I have been developing the sacred Mahorikatan® dance since 2010.
Mahorikatan® is a form of ultra modern shamanism, totally stripped down, where we experience trance, listening and welcoming the soul, interaction with the non-visible Beings who guide us, from a intensified presence to oneself.
Trance states, in general, offer many possibilities for healing. The Mahorikatan® trance, very particular, extremely gentle, turns out to be a deep vector of liberation from the memories of traumas inscribed in the unconscious.
The Mahorikatan® state of trance is easily accessible to all, in a few hours, from the first session.

During 2020, I am recruited as an expert in trance practices to participate in a pilot study in neuroscience under the responsibility of Doctors Olivia Gosseries (neuropsychologist, FNRS researcher) and Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse (neuropsychologist, PhD in Medical Sciences).
This study is entitled: "Phenomenological experience and neurophysiological correlates of trance in healthy individuals".

In this context, in June 2021, Mahorikatan® was the subject of a final thesis in psychology in which the characteristics of cognitive trance (Corine Sombrun) and Mahorikatan® trance (Philippe Lenaif) were analyzed and compared.
The results of this analysis will soon be the subject of a scientific publication.
At the end of 2021, Mahorikatan® becomes a subject of scientific research on trances as part of a doctoral thesis in anthropology at the Catholic University of Louvain.

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EEG - Recordings of brain activity in Mahorikatan® trance state and then in incorporation mediumistic trance state.
- May 10, 2021 -
Philippe Lenaif - Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse


photo Philippe Lenaif

All the activities that I offer, workshops, conferences, concerts, events, collaborations, are on the agenda of the Call of Souls website.

With Call of Souls, discover a whole universe where individual transformation, spiritual development and initiation path rhyme with expression of joy, feeling of welcome, freedom in the dances, spontaneity of emotions, subtle trance and intimate encounter with oneself, all in tenderness!

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